Cassette – My Way (Adeejay Remix) Released with Italodance Flavour and 80s Element

The Original Song

Cassette’s original song “My Way” was released in 2021 and quickly became a fan favourite. The song features catchy lyrics and an upbeat tempo that makes it perfect for dancing. The track’s original instrumentation is a blend of pop and electronic elements that create a lively and fun atmosphere.

Cassette is a rising star in the music industry and has been making waves with her unique sound. Her music combines catchy melodies with relatable lyrics that resonate with her fans. “My Way” is a perfect example of this, and the song’s popularity is a testament to Cassette’s talent.

The Remix

Adeejay is known for his exceptional production skills and has added his magic touch to the already popular track. The new remix, which has been released on YouTube, features a unique Italodance flavour with 80s elements that will surely get your feet moving on the dance floor.

The remix starts with a catchy synth melody that instantly sets the tone for the rest of the song. The vocals of Cassette fit perfectly with the new instrumentation, and the 80s-inspired beat complements the original track seamlessly.

Positive Responses

The new remix has been met with positive responses from the dance music community. Fans of Italodance and 80s-inspired music will surely appreciate Adeejay’s take on the popular song. The remix is a perfect example of how a track can be transformed into something entirely different while still maintaining its essence.

Listen to the Remix

Cassette – My Way (Adeejay Remix) is now available on YouTube, and fans can listen to it on repeat to their heart’s content. The remix is the perfect addition to any dance party playlist and will surely get the crowd going.


In conclusion, the Cassette – My Way (Adeejay Remix) is a must-listen for anyone who loves dance music. The unique blend of Italodance and 80s elements is a refreshing take on the already popular track, and Adeejay’s production skills are on full display. The remix is sure to become a favourite among fans of the genre and will undoubtedly be played on repeat on dance floors around the world.

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