Tomma Slowbeat’s “Copacabana”: A Triple Treat of Italodance, Remix, and Pop

In the dynamic world of electronic dance music, a new gem has emerged, sparkling with the vibrant rhythms of Italodance.

Tomma Slowbeat, the Cesena-born maestro of dance and slow dance genres, has dropped his latest single “Copacabana” on January 12, 2024, and it’s nothing short of a musical fiesta.

“Copacabana” is a track that doesn’t just play; it pulsates with life, capturing the essence of the famed Brazilian beach it’s named after.
Tomma, known for his richly textured soundscapes, has outdone himself with this release.

The single comes in three tantalizing versions – the original Italodance version, the foot-tapping Magna Romagna remix, and a serene pop/relaxing variant, each offering a unique auditory experience.

Tomma Slowbeat, or simply Tomma, has always stood out in the electronic music scene. His roots in Cesena, a city known for its rich cultural and musical heritage, have profoundly influenced his artistic journey. Tomma’s love for the dance and slow dance genre resonates in his music, which is characterized by rhythmic beats, lush synthesizers, and an undeniable energy that beckons listeners to the dance floor.

The inspiration for “Copacabana” came from Tomma’s own travels to Brazil. Visiting the iconic Copacabana beach, he soaked in the vibrant culture, the rhythmic pulse of the city, and the serene beauty of the sea – all of which are intricately woven into the fabric of this track. The single is more than just music; it’s a journey, a memory, and an experience that transports you straight to the heart of Brazil.

What sets “Copacabana” apart is its versatility. The original version is a classic Italodance number, filled with upbeat tempos and catchy melodies that are quintessential to the genre. The Magna Romagna remix adds a twist, infusing the track with an electrifying energy that will undoubtedly be a favorite in clubs around the globe. And for those moments when you seek tranquility, the pop/relaxing version of the track offers a soothing escape, showcasing Tomma’s ability to diversify his sound while staying true to his artistic essence.

Now available on all music portals, “Copacabana” is a must-add to your playlist. Whether you’re a die-hard Italodance enthusiast or someone who appreciates the fusion of different musical styles, this single has something for everyone. Don’t miss out on the chance to experience this exhilarating blend of rhythm, culture, and melody. Tune into “Copacabana” by Tomma Slowbeat, and let the rhythms of Brazil sweep you off your feet! 🎶💃🏖️


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