Magna Romagna: keeping the Spirit of Italo Dance Alive

Magna Romagna’s Origin Story

“Genna” and “Enki”, are two Italian guys who share a passion for electronic dance music.

They met on the forum of Gigi D’Agostino, one of the pioneers of the Italo Disco and Italodance scenes. In 2004, they started making music together under the name Magna Romagna, which pays homage to the region in northern Italy called Emilia Romagna, where Genna was born and Enki spent most of his childhood summers.

The name “Magna Romagna” means “Great Emilia Romagna” in Latin, and it reflects the duo’s love for the region’s vibrant music scene. It also represents their desire to create music that is both uplifting and nostalgic, blending the classic sound of Italo Disco with modern electronic beats and melodies.

Magna Romagna’s Music and Influences

Magna Romagna’s sound is heavily influenced by Gigi D’Agostino‘s music, as well as other Italo Disco and Italodance artists of the past. However, the duo has also developed their own unique style, incorporating elements from various genres such as trance, techno, and house. Their tracks are characterized by catchy melodies, italodance structure, and energetic beats that make you want to dance.

Lento Violento: A Genre That Magna Romagna Mastered

One of the genres that they are particularly known for is “Lento Violento“, which is a style of dance music made famous by Gigi D’Agostino characterized by slow beats and frenzied rhythms, as a sample try having a listen  to The Strumbellas – Spirits (Magna Romagna Remix) and be  prepared to get hooked.

Over the years, Magna Romagna has produced many popular tracks that have been played in clubs and festivals around the world. Some of their most notable works include “Centotredici“, “Bolgia“, and “Le Radici  ca Tieni Remix“, which showcase the duo’s ability to create both fast-paced and slow melodic tracks. They have also collaborated with other artists, such as Adeejay and BenceK, on remixes and original songs with the pseudonymous of “M.A.B.” .

Moto Remoto Records: The Label Behind Magna Romagna’s releases

Most of Magna Romagna music is being released on the official Youtube channel, in addition, Magna Romagna also runs the Moto Remoto Records digital label, which they use for their official releases. The label aims to promote innovative and high-quality electronic dance music, and it has become a hub for emerging artists in the italodance music scene, like Tomma: Slowbeat.

The Future of Magna Romagna

Looking ahead, Magna Romagna has big plans for the future. They are currently working on new tracks (see for example the recently produced remix of Italian song from Mr Rain – Supereroi with the help of Adeejay) and remixes, and they are eager to share their music with even more fans around the world and bring the spirit of Italo Disco to the dancefloors of the world.


In conclusion, Magna Romagna is a music project that embodies the spirit of Italo Disco and Italodance, while also pushing the boundaries of modern electronic dance music. Their music is both nostalgic and fresh, and it continues to inspire new generations of fans and artists. With their passion and talent,  Magna Romagna are sure to keep the dance legacy alive for many years to come.

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