Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn” (M.A.B. Extended Remix): A Slow-Dance Revival

A quick listen to the 37 tracks featured in the 2024 Eurovision edition reveals that dance music still reigns supreme. Amidst the multifaceted variations within this genre, a familiar trend is making a comeback: Eurodance, reimagined and refined with modern technologies. Back in the ’90s, Eurodance dominated European and global Billboard charts, leaving an indelible mark on music history.

But there’s more to explore within this niche. Nestled alongside Eurodance’s resurgence lies another influential subgenre: Italodance. Remember the infectious beats of pioneers like Gigi D’Agostino and Eiffel 65? Their legacy lives on, albeit as a niche genre today. Yet, Italodance remains close to the hearts of many, especially thanks to celebratory ’90s events held regularly in clubs and arenas across Europe.

M.A.B. Project: A Love Letter to Dance Music

Enter the architects behind the M.A.B. Project. Driven by an unspoken mission to celebrate and revive a genre that still has much to say, they’ve embarked on a journey of remixing classic ’80s and ’90s pop hits. These remixes are capturing the attention of fans and industry insiders alike, bridging the gap between nostalgia and contemporary dance music.

M.A.B. (derived from the initials of Magna Romagna, Adeejay, and BenceK), is an electronic trio that reimagines classic dance sounds for a modern audience. This trio embodies the very essence of the movement:

  1. Genna (Simone Gennari) of Magna Romagna: A seasoned dance music enthusiast with 20 years of experience in producing Italodance, Genna has collaborated with legendary figures like Gigi D’Agostino. His extensive knowledge and passion infuse every production.
  2. Adeejay (Adrian Lupu): Fueled by a lifelong love for Italodisco and Eurodance, Adeejay’s dedication permeates each creation, adding an authentic touch.
  3. Bence Kotvics: This Hungarian dance music producer completes the trio, bringing a fresh perspective with a track record of successful collaborations.

“Torn” Revisited: Slowstyle Dance Magic

Among their remarkable remixes lies Natalie Imbruglia’s “Torn”. The original song, with its Danish origins and global impact, resonated across generations. M.A.B.’s slowstyle dance remix pays homage to Imbruglia’s rendition while adding a fresh twist. By blending nostalgia and innovation, they invite listeners to experience the magic of “Torn” anew.

The Original Version

  • “Torn” was initially penned in 1991 by songwriters Anne Preven and Scott Cutler, along with producer Phil Thornalley. It was intended as a solo song for Anne Preven herself.
  • The Danish singer Lis Sørensen recorded the first version of the song in 1993, titled “Brændt” (which translates to “Burnt” in Danish). The song featured Danish lyrics written by Elisabeth Nielsen and appeared on Sørensen’s album “Under Stjernerne Et Sted” (“Somewhere Below the Stars”).
  • Preven and Cutler formed the band Ednaswap, releasing the first English version of “Torn” on their 1995 debut album1. However, Ednaswap received little attention at the time.

Natalie Imbruglia’s Breakthrough

  • The song’s trajectory changed when it found its way to Australian singer Natalie Imbruglia. Co-writer Phil Thornalley ended up working on her debut album.
  • Imbruglia, known for her role on the Australian soap opera “Neighbours”, recorded “Torn” as her 1997 debut single. The song catapulted her into the music scene, becoming a global sensation.
  • Imbruglia’s version, produced by Thornalley, topped the singles charts in several countries, including Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Iceland, Spain, and SwedenIt also reached the top of three US Billboard charts1.
  • Her rendition of “Torn” sold over four million copies worldwide.

M.A.B.’s Slowstyle Dance Remix

Enter the M.A.B. Project, a trio passionate about celebrating and reimagining classic dance music. Their slowstyle dance remix of “Torn” breathes new life into the iconic track.

By infusing modern production techniques, including pulsating bass rhythms and cutting-edge synthesizers, M.A.B. transforms “Torn” into a captivating slowstyle dance experience.

The remix pays homage to the original while appealing to a contemporary audience, bridging nostalgia and innovation.

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