Waldeck’s Classic Hit “Quando Quando” Gets a Fresh Twist with an Italodance Remix by Adeejay & Genna

Waldeck’s classic hit “Quando Quando” has just been given a fresh new twist by the talented duo Adeejay & Genna. The two Italian producers, who are known for their Italodance music, have put their own spin on the classic song, transforming it into an upbeat and catchy Italodance anthem.

Waldeck is an Austrian singer, songwriter, and record producer who has been active in the music industry since the 1990s. He is best known for his lounge, jazz and trip-hop influenced music. “Quando Quando” is a classic hit that has been covered and remixed by many artists.

The Adeejay & Genna remix of “Quando Quando” is an Italodance version of the song, featuring a upbeat tempo and catchy synth melodies. The duo has expertly blended the original melody and lyrics with their own unique sound, creating a fresh and exciting version of the song. The Italodance genre is known for its catchy, upbeat melodies, and energetic beats, that’s why this remix is a perfect fit for this genre.

The video of the remix, which features footage of the duo working on the remix in the studio, was released on YouTube. The song is accompanied by a visual Youtube player.

If you’re a fan of Waldeck’s music, or just looking for something fresh and exciting, the Adeejay & Genna remix of “Quando Quando” is a must-listen. The duo of Adeejay & Genna are definitely artists to keep an eye on in the coming months and years.

Check out the video of “Quando Quando” (Adeejay & Genna Remix) now on YouTube.

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