Magna Romagna’s Slow Dance Remix of “Quelli Che Benpensano” by Frankie HI-NRG MC

“Quelli Che Benpensano” by Frankie HI-NRG MC is a classic Italian rap song that has resonated with fans since its release. Recently, Magna Romagna released a slow dance remix of the song that pays homage to the original while giving it a fresh spin. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the original song and the artist, as well as explore the new remix.

“Quelli Che Benpensano” was released in 1997 by Italian rapper Frankie HI-NRG MC. This is one of his most famous songs, released in 1997 as part of his album “La Morte Dei Miracoli”. The song talks about the societal issues and struggles faced by the Italian youth, encouraging them to think critically and not just follow the status quo.

Magna Romagna’s remix of “Quelli Che Benpensano” takes a different approach, slowing down the tempo and infusing the song with a more dance vibe. The remix maintains the integrity of the original lyrics while offering a fresh perspective on the melody, making it a great addition to any slow dance playlist. The remix has been received positively by fans of both Frankie HI-NRG MC and Magna Romagna, with many praising the producer’s ability to create a new sound without compromising the original song’s message.

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