Ava Max – Take You To Hell (Adeejay & BenceK Remix)

Fans of dance music have something to celebrate as the dance remix of Ava Max’s hit song “Take You to Hell” by the talented Hungarian producer Bencek in conjunction with Adeejay has reached an impressive 50,000 views on YouTube. This is a major milestone for Bencek and a testament to the popularity and success of his remix.

Adeejay and Bencek are known for their unique style and sound, which combines elements of electronic dance music with a touch of folk music. Their remix of “Take You to Hell” showcasesthe talent and creativity, taking the original song and giving it a fresh and energetic new feel.

The remix features a driving bassline, energizing beats, and catchy synths that will make you want to dance all night long. Bencek has also added his own unique touch to the vocals, giving them a fresh and modern feel. The result is a remix that is both true to the original and fresh, perfect for the dance floor.

The success of the remix is a testament to the artists talent as a producer and his ability to create a version of the song that appeals to a wide audience. The 50,000 views on YouTube is a major milestone for Bencek channel, and a sign of his growing popularity and success in the music industry.

Adeejay & Bencek’s dance remix of “Take You to Hell” is just one example of his talent and creativity as a producers. The success of the remix is a sign of even more exciting things to come from the two guys. So, be sure to follow them on social media and keep an eye out for their upcoming releases.


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