Tømma Releases Debut Album “Plata y Tiempo”

Italian artist Tømma has just released his debut studio album “Plata y Tiempo”. The album features eight tracks that blend dance, slowstyle, and Afro beats to create a unique and infectious sound.

The opening track, “Calma (Back Mix),” sets the tone for the album with its smooth and laid-back melody. “ViruLento” and “Paradise” both have a more upbeat and energetic feel, with infectious rhythms and catchy hooks that will have listeners dancing along.

The title track, “Plata y Tiempo (Afro Mix),” is a standout song that blends Afro beats with electronic sounds to create a truly unique sound. “L’Ora É Giunta (Elettro Salmo)” has a slower, more contemplative feel that showcases Tømma’s introspective side, while “Voyager” is a nod to his love of sci-fi and space travel.

“Smirne” is a track with a strong Middle Eastern influence, featuring the use of instruments like the darbuka and the oud. The album closes with “Malrapida,” a song with a haunting melody that will linger in listeners’ minds long after the album has ended.

With “Plata y Tiempo,” Tømma demonstrates his skill as a songwriter and producer, blending different musical styles and creating a cohesive album that’s both danceable and thought-provoking.

In conclusion, Tømma’s “Plata y Tiempo” is an impressive debut album that showcases his musical versatility and sets the stage for even more great music to come. With its infectious rhythms, catchy hooks, and unique blend of musical styles, this album is a must-listen for fans of electronic dance music, slowstyle, and Afro beats.

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