Get ready to dance with Roby Rossini’s latest Italodance hit: “Sunshine of Love”

Roby Rossini’s latest release “Sunshine of Love” is a vibrant and energetic addition to the Italodance scene. The track, released in 2022 by Italian DJ and producer Roby Rossini, features catchy lyrics and a upbeat tempo that will have you dancing in no time.

Italodance, also known as italo-dance, is a genre of dance music that originated in Italy in the 80s and 90s and is characterized by its upbeat tempo and use of synthesizers and drum machines. Roby Rossini is well known in the Italodance scene, with several successful songs such as “Tanz Bambolina”, “Rendez Vous” that have reached the top of the charts and become staples in the genre.

“Sunshine of Love” is an uplifting and optimistic song that sends a message of hope and positivity, with lyrics like “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine of love” which reflects Roby Rossini’s desire to spread joy and happiness through his music. The song’s catchy and upbeat melody will have you singing along and dancing in no time.

Italodance may not have the same mainstream popularity as it did in the past, but songs like “Sunshine of Love” by Roby Rossini prove that the genre is still alive and well.

Fans of Italodance can look forward to more great music from Roby Rossini and other artists in the genre, and maybe one day Italodance will be back as mainstream genre again.

If you’re a fan of Italodance or just looking for a catchy and upbeat song to add to your playlist, “Sunshine of Love” by Roby Rossini is a must-listen. You can find the song on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube or on Roby Rossini’s album. Keep dancing with us and don’t forget to spread the love and sunshine

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