New Electronic Dance Remix of Annalisa’s ‘Mon Amour’ by Magna Romagna

If you’re a fan of electronic dance music, you won’t want to miss the latest remix of Annalisa’s hit song “Mon Amour.” The new version, created by Italian producer Magna Romagna, infuses the original track with a fresh, energetic beat that will get you moving and grooving.

But before we dive into the remix, let’s take a moment to appreciate the original song and its talented singer.

Annalisa Scarrone, who performs under the mononym Annalisa, is an Italian singer and songwriter who rose to fame after appearing on the ninth season of the Italian talent show “Amici di Maria De Filippi.” Since then, she has released several successful albums and singles, including “Bellissima,” “Senza riserva,” and “Il mondo prima di te.” Her unique voice, heartfelt lyrics, and catchy melodies have made her one of the most beloved singers in Italy today.

“Mon Amour” is one of Annalisa’s latest songs, released in March 2023 as part of her upcoming  album.  The song is a dance ballad about a love that is both passionate and complicated. The lyrics, which are in Italian, describe the ups and downs of a relationship, with Annalisa singing about how her love for her partner is both a blessing and a curse.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the new remix of “Mon Amour” by Magna Romagna.  His remix of “Mon Amour” takes the original song and turns it into a dancefloor banger, with a driving beat and catchy synths that will get your heart racing and your feet tapping.

But don’t just take our word for it – listen to the remix for yourself! You can find it on YouTube by searching for “Annalisa Mon Amour Magna Romagna remix.” And while you’re at it, be sure to check out some of other  Magna Romagna popular remixes, such as “Quelli che Benpensano” “Supereroi,” and “Losing My Religion

The new electronic dance remix of Annalisa’s “Mon Amour” by Magna Romagna is a must-listen for fans of EDM and Italian pop music. With its catchy beats and heartfelt lyrics, this remix is sure to become a favorite among music lovers everywhere. So what are you waiting for? Head over to YouTube and give it a listen today!

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