Magna Romagna’s New Album “Atto Secondo” is Out – Finest Italodance Music

Magna Romagna, the Italian duo that has been making waves in the electronic music scene, has just released their new album “Atto Secondo”. This LP is a continuation of their first release “Atto Primo”, which was praised for its cohesive sound and storytelling. “Atto Secondo” takes the listener on a journey through the emotions and landscapes of their home region, but this time it’s deeper and more intense.

The album features 13 tracks, each one with a unique style and atmosphere. From the opening track “Movida”, which sets the tone with its fast-paced beats and hypnotic synth lines, to the closing track “Buone Intenzioni”, a melancholic and introspective dance melody that brings the album to a satisfying conclusion.


1 Movida 4:00
2 Danza Maranza 4:34
3 Troubles (Radio Edit) 3:36
4 Buone Intenzioni (Radio Edit) 3:35
5 Spranga 4:33
6 Cose Così 4:13
7 Calamita (Radio Edit) 3:53
8 Segui La Lepre 3:41
9 Station 4:27
10 Return from Nowhere 4:50
11 Troubles (Extended Mix) 6:00
12 Calamita (Extended Mix) 5:10
13 Buone Intenzioni (Extended Mix) 6:28

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