Gem Boy – Duro: The New Italo-Disco Single with Playful Lyrics

Introduction to the Single

Gem Boy has recently released their latest single titled “Duro.” This track, which falls under the genre of ’80s Italo-disco, stands out with its playful lyrics that play on the ambiguity of the word “duro” (meaning “hard” in Italian). Let’s dive into the details of this new release and explore the exceptional work by the group.

Band Composition

Gem Boy consists of a group of talented musicians, each with their own role within the band:

  • Carlo “CarlettoFX” Sagradini: vocals
  • Max Vicinelli: keyboards
  • Alessandro “J.J. Muscolo” Ronconi: guitar
  • Milco Merloni: bass
  • Damiano Trevisan: drums
  • Michele “Sdrushi” Romagnoli: sound engineer

Style and Lyrics of “Duro”

“Duro” showcases a fusion of ’80s Italo-disco sounds with contemporary elements. The song features playful and ironic lyrics in Italian, playing on the various meanings of the word “duro.” Gem Boy demonstrates their ability to create entertaining and catchy songs that entertain the audience with a touch of humor.

Single Production

The song “Duro” was written by Carlo Sagradini, the band’s vocalist, with music composed by Max Vicinelli. Arrangements and programming were done by Max Vicinelli and Rod Mannara. Vocals were recorded by Michele Romagnoli, while the mixing was handled by Rod Mannara. The mastering was done by Mike Dangelini at SoundAndLight Mastering (Milan).

“Duro” Music Video

The official music video for “Duro” was directed by Rod Mannara and filmed at The Pepegas Studios in Casale Monferrato. The video showcases the lively performances of dancers Giulia Colacicco and Francesca Ferrigno, who bring engaging choreography to life. Additionally, Lucrezia Crisci portrays the characters of Catwoman and Ariel, adding a visual charm to the video.

Release and Distribution

“Duro” was released with the support of PMS Studio, MegaDischi, and Universal Music Italia Srl. The single is available on various streaming platforms and digital music stores, allowing music enthusiasts to enjoy its infectious energy and witty lyrics.


Gem Boy, with their single “Duro,” once again showcases their ability to create catchy music that entertains and amuses the audience. The clever use of lyrics, combined with the typical sounds of ’80s Italo-disco, makes this song a unique and enjoyable experience. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in this new creation by Gem Boy and be captivated by their talent and originality.

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