Gala – Freed From Desire

“Gala’s hit song “Freed from Desire” has been a classic in the dance music genre since its release in 1996.

“Freed from Desire” was an instant hit, climbing to the top of the charts in several countries across Europe and remaining in the top 100 for many weeks. The song also reached the top of the Dance charts and went on to be certified Gold in several countries.

The song’s chorus, with the memorable lyrics “Freed from desire” is paired with an energetic beat that makes it perfect for dancing. Gala’s vocals bring a powerful and soulful touch to the song, making it an unforgettable experience.

Today, “Freed from Desire” is considered a classic of the Italodance genre and a timeless hit. It’s a song that has stood the test of time, with DJs and dance music enthusiasts still playing it in clubs and parties. It’s a true dancefloor filler and a anthem that will make you dance.

If you’re a fan of dance music or just looking for a catchy and upbeat song to add to your playlist, “Freed from Desire” by Gala is a must-listen. You can find the song on streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube or on Gala’s album. Keep dancing with us and don’t forget to tell us why you love this song!”

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